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Shirakura Chi Ebi
Supplementary feed for baby shrimps

Shirakura Chi Ebi - rearing feed is a mixed feed, especially designed for baby shrimps with lots of important ingredients, which baby shrimps need particularly within their first few weeks to ensure a healthy growth.

Apart from that, is also supports the genesis of microorganisms and the mostly invisible microbes which dispose of food residues and excrements and are an important part of the shrimps' as well as of the baby shrimps' diet.

How popular and important this is for the shrimps can be witnessed if you carefully dig up the substrate with your hand. It often only takes a few seconds until the shrimps will gather in exactly this spot to cover their need for animal proteins by eating the now available microorganisms and microbes. In order to ensure this food basis permanently and in sufficient amounts, it is recommended to regularly feed Chi Ebi (Please also see feeding recommendations).

Study of the University for Fisheries Science
Studies by students of the University for Fisheries Science in Hokkaido/Japan have shown that in those aquariums where Shirakura's Chi Ebi - rearing feed was used, significantly more baby shrimps survived and also developed better than in aquariums without the additional feeding of Chi Ebi. In their microscopical research they discovered that the population of the microorganisms which are particularly important for baby shrimps was more than ten times higher when feeding Chi Ebi than in a comparable aquarium without Chi Ebi. Further observations and positive side effects were the enhanced colour of the shrimps as well as crystal clear water.


Analytical constituents
14,1% crude protein, 19,7% crude fat, 14,3% raw fibre, 10,8% crude ash, 10% moisture

60 cm aquarium: 1 level spoon* per day
100 cm aquarium: 1 heaped spoon* per day

Vary depending on how many animals the aquarium houses

* Spoon included
Shirakura - Chi Ebi, Shrimp food, Baby food, nutrition

Shirakura - Supplementary feed
Chi Ebi
Available in 20g-package, spoon included

Shirakura - Chi Ebi, Shrimp food, Baby food, nutrition

Shirakura - Chi Ebi, Shrimp food, Baby food, nutritionShirakura - Chi Ebi, Shrimp food, Baby food, nutrition

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